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The term Martial Arts is unfortunately often confused with fighting sports/spectacles and acrobatics from the realm of fantasy and fiction.
All this has mostly degenerated to activities of a competitive nature with a tendency towards commercialism and merchandising.

Martial Arts are in fact the most grounded and pragmatic of all sciences and arts. Martial Arts are about the balance between body and mind, discipline and creativity, organization and spontaneity. Shadowsnake tries to apply the same principles to the process of film making in general, from creation to production to distribution.

In addition, Martial Arts Choreography is another service Shadowsnake offers on a film production or consultancy basis.

The main specialization and background is founded in traditional Chinese Kung Fu, but styles from all over the world can be advised upon or incorporated if the film production or script requires more research.

Even when there are no obvious Martial Arts or stunts in a script, a choreographer can advise on the movement and action of the actors, especially when it comes to technical precision. The editing and camera shooting angles are extremely important and often underestimated elements in the process. For each action a specific combination is required which can only be determined after thorough analysis of the scene and script.

Unarmed combat or the use of a variety of hand weapons are amongst the possibilities.

At present Shadowsnake does not deliver any high flying wire work or acrobatic stunts (Hong Kong or Wu Shu style), but focusses on a more realistic fighting style of choreography.

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